Is your resolution? Did you have a plan for 2020? Let me know what it is and how I can help.

Happy New Year

I want to let you know that if I only reach one person plus myself i’ve reached some. I will continue to improved in 2020 and make my vision my reality. Please join me on the journey


Yes Hawaii is one of the 50 united states. You can study in Hawaii and get the best of both worlds, a world class education and destinations that will meet you requirements. How it works? What do you need to do? Stay dialed in and I will give you the details.

Stay Focused

Just a brief reminder that despite all of the turmoil the media presents in all the different languages, the one that makes the most difference is the language of success. Keep your eyes on the prize becomes significantly more meaningful especially during these times of high stress and uncertainty.

ESL In America

Part 1 The American System-The Big Picture An education from an American institution means, global access, professional development as well as entrepreneurial success. Whether you want a career as a physician with a specialty in pediatric medicine or an engineer with a focus on the environment, it’s all possible when you study in the United … More ESL In America