We’re Almost There

2020 comes to a conclusion in 6 weeks. What a year it has been. Covid-19, political divisiveness in more than one country, power brokers wanting more power, ad infinitum.

In 2020 there has been more focus on want is not working, than healing and what works. Can 2021 be any worse? Will it be the same or will the insanity of evil over good continue to be a force to deal with. Where do we go from here?

I like how the author Toni Morrison put it in her book ‘The Source Of Self-Regard ‘…To what do we pay greatest allegiance? Family, language group, culture, gender, Religion, race? And if none of these matter, are urbane, cosmopolitan, or simply lonely?…’

Where do we go from here, how do we get there and where is where.

Published by Jim

ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor - IAPWE member (International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

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