ESL In America

Part 1 The American System-The Big Picture

An education from an American institution means, global access, professional development as well as entrepreneurial success. Whether you want a career as a physician with a specialty in pediatric medicine or an engineer with a focus on the environment, it’s all possible when you study in the United States educational system.

So what’s in it for you? You know better than anyone else what the end game will be. Why go through the changes of getting the visa, staying with a host family or moving to the USA so the kids can gain fluency in English while learning the basics they will need to further their education, wherever that might be.

This series will give you some insights into how it works, what to expect and maybe even help you to develop a plan. Studying in the US offers outstanding opportunities to study with professionals from the performing arts to advanced AI. Imagine taking art classes with a world-renowned artist or studying advanced physics.

In America, you can study cinematography or live theater and be able to get your message across, with impact. Imagine learning the fine art of creating computer generated graphics or how special effects help create images that words never could, create endless possibilities.

One significant point to mention now is to not confuse the politics of global issues with the availability of opportunities you cannot get anywhere else. The US has more than 1,000 colleges and universities. The chase to specialize and learn advanced methods is possible in the US. Some countries send their graduates, undergraduate and business elite to America so they can gain multiple skills. Not many other destinations can make that claim.

These are just a few of the points about what to expect when you decide to study English as well as an academic program in America. The next post will get more into the history, people, culture, geography as well as other aspects of the USA.

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