Keep Your Focus; English is Still the Lingua Franca

by Jimmy Cathey

In these unpredictable turbulent international times, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s really going on, let alone how to communicate in international communities. One country is disappointed with another while another threatens to bully another while yet another refuses to play by the international rules. How in the world are students expected to figure out what language is the lingua franca. Who cares!?

In spite of all the social chaos, political gobbledygook, economic shenanigans and deluge of plastic found everywhere it’s not supposed to be, English is still the lingua franca. This is not a hip hip hooray for English. Instead this is about getting on with the business of communication to build true global communities. Places where people have an opportunity to contribute to the healing process of this profound rupture in the true meaning of living and working together in global communities. Until something better or different comes along, there still are opportunities in English speaking countries to learn English from native speakers.

Take advantage of the opportunities. Do not let the few determine the outcomes and lifestyles of the many. Study English in and English speaking country.

It would be great to hear your take on this point of view; please leave a comment.

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