The ‘P’ Word



You’ve finished your research, submitted your final papers, studied for your oral exams, passed your written exam, go before the review board and to you delight you have met all the requirements to have that coveted professional credential bestowed upon you.

When a professional receives their end degree or credential it is a rewarding time. After all the hard work, you finally have a professional voice. You set out to claim your stake in the market and become ‘known’ in one way or another. Unbeknownst to you, there are some unscrupulous, ‘bad agents’ out there looking to cash in your honorable professional credentials.

Beware of those who make a profit using the ‘P’ word-plagiarism. In this world of socially connected media platforms, limited sound bites and other means of communication, plagiarism is alive and well. Most recently this writer had an experience where a language school that was a client used an assessment and changed the content without a notification or intention to seek approval for doing so.

It might be disguised as ‘intellectual property’ in a contract so be aware that if you do sign a contract with a clause that define intellectual property make sure you fully understand all of the details because the saying goes ‘the devil is in the details’.

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