Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready

How many times have we heard those words? Words of determination, inspiration, motivation. Words that are associated with success. Words that have been associated with change. Words that connect you to the next phase of a journey, whether it be spiritual, professional, or academic. This blog is about the academic path that will get you ready for the next phase of your professional development, which is studying in America.

I Am Going To Make A Difference

This has been a rough year for me. I don’t know about you , but for me it has not been fun. My business did not do well, I was very very sick and I was not able to reach the goals I had set forth. What about for you? Where did you struggle? When was it obvious that things were not going to go as planned? What did you do about it?

Part of my struggle was that I did not work as hard or smart as I needed to, in order to keep a strong presence with my site. 2020 has been perhaps the worse year in my professional career. If you’re like me and you thought the storm was not going to be as intense as it was and still is, you’re not alone.

I am going to make a commitment, as we move forward, to make a difference. I will focus on what I do best, helping students to reach their ESL goals. I will help you transition to an ESL program here in the USA or abroad. The one thing I ask you to do is reach out so we can begin to talk. Let’s make a difference.

We’re Almost There

2020 comes to a conclusion in 6 weeks. What a year it has been. Covid-19, political divisiveness in more than one country, power brokers wanting more power, ad infinitum.

In 2020 there has been more focus on want is not working, than healing and what works. Can 2021 be any worse? Will it be the same or will the insanity of evil over good continue to be a force to deal with. Where do we go from here?

I like how the author Toni Morrison put it in her book ‘The Source Of Self-Regard ‘…To what do we pay greatest allegiance? Family, language group, culture, gender, Religion, race? And if none of these matter, are urbane, cosmopolitan, or simply lonely?…’

Where do we go from here, how do we get there and where is where.

Welcome Back

Things have changed as we all know. Today COVID-19 continues to redefine education in way no-one would have thought possible 6 month ago. My focus is going change from what was traditional information about ESL learning to pr relevant information help you to reach your ESL goal.

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